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MendelMax 1.6 Complete Printer Kit

The MendelMax 1.6 is an open-source 3D printer that achieves impressive print quality and speeds at an affordable price.  This do-it-yourself kit has everything you need for a complete assembly of the Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.6.  Also choose your own color of honeycomb-infill parts.

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NOTE:  We still carry the MendelMax 1.6 for diehard fans.  Customers interested in our latest models should check out the PrismX and UConduit models, both designed and manufactured in Colorado, USA.

The MendelMax is an open-source 3D printer that achieves impressive print quality and speeds at an affordable price.  This do-it-yourself kit has everything you need for a complete assembly of the Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.6.  Plus you get to choose your own color of honeycomb-infill printed-parts.  We will contact you upon placement of your order to arrange color choice, also you can send a note with your order.  Made in Boulder, Colorado, USA from domestic and imported components.

The MendelMax 1.6 is an open-source 3D printer that uses thermoplastic extrusion to build objects layer-by-layer from plastic.  You can build all sorts of things using a 3D printer, and even print with other materials like chocolate and various types of plastic (with modification).  A MendelMax is a great introduction to the world of DIY 3D printing.
A 3D printer is a type of robot, specifically a "cartesian robot".  One of the best things about learning how to use a RepRap as a 3D printer is its ability to replicate itself to produce more printers and other types of robots.  We've seen them used to build Arduino-based spider robots, as well as modern tools.
3D printers use additive construction to build parts.  They can build interior geometries that can't be achieved with other manufacturing processes such as injection molding.  You can build almost anything you set your mind to with a MendelMax printer -- at least anything made out of a material it can print - typically PLA and ABS plastic.  With your own printer you can realize the world of rapid prototyping by creating your own designs and modifying open-source ones; printing prototypes; testing; and revising.  With some practice you can reduce the time involved in this process to within hours.

The Terawatt Industries MendelMax 1.6 is a field-tested and proven fulfillment of the MendelMax 1.5 open-source design.  It has gone through significant revision, and continues to receive improvements based on customer feedback.  The frame is made from black anodized aluminum and the printed parts are made from ABS and PLA.  We offer a variety of color combinations.  The printer is fast and consistently produces quality prints.  With a properly assembled printer that's aligned reasonably well, the primary maintenance required is management of the heatbed tape/glass, and an occasional cleaning with small amounts of fresh lubrication on moving parts.

Upgrades to the MendelMax 1.6 include adjustable Y-rod mounts, the 00str00der belt-driven extruder, Universal Y-Axis plate, (optional) Z-axis top constraints, and more.

The MendelMax 1.6 uses 8mm smooth rods throughout instead of 10mm smooth rods on the z-axis.  It uses x-ends and x-carriage derived from Jonas JKuehling's; and LM8UU bearings.  We've modified these parts to work with our leadscrew.  We take care to manufacture quality printed parts.

Parts List:

  • 1x MendelMax 1.6 Printed Parts PLA/ABS, LM8UU/8mm, Custom Colors.
    • Two (2) color choices!  One (1) for PLA - one (1) for ABS.
    • We will contact you for color choices upon payment of your order.
    • We try to keep all colors in-stock, but some must be manufactured per-order.  NOTE:  there may be a lead-time for colors we don't have in stock.  We provide latest stock information when we contact you.  Lead-time for out-of-stock colors is typically 3-4 business days.
    • We have many colors of ABS and PLA in stock.
      • PLA:  black, blue, red, clear, ice-blue, green, yellow, purple.
      • ABS:  black, red, blue, purple, pink, neon green, neon yellow.
  • 00str00der Belt-Driven Extruder with flame-resistant plastic adapter plate
  • 2x Precision 8mm Leadscrew with Matching Brass Nut
  • 1x MendelMax Pre-Tapped + Drilled Anodized Aluminum Extrusion
  • 1x MendelMax LM8UU Smooth Rod Set
  • 1x LM8UU 8MM Linear Bearing 12pcs
  • 2x GT2 Timing Belt 2mm pitch 1180mm length
  • 2x Pulley Wheel - GT2 - 36 teeth - 5mm Bore
  • 1x TW Mendelmax 1.x Complete Vitamins for LM8UU + Universal Y-Plate
  • 1x Terawatt Industries Universal Y-Axis Plate
  • 1x MK2 Heatbed Pre-Assembled
  • 5x NEMA 17 Stepper Motor - 5.0kg Torque
  • 1x Terawatt Industries Pro Power Kit including 30A PSU and ATX Adapter Board
  • 1x RAMPS 1.4 Control Board for RepRap 3D Printers
  • 4x A4988 Pololu Stepper Motor Driver w/heatsink + tape
  • 1x Freeduino Arduino(tm) MEGA 2560 Clone
  • 1x Wiring Kit for RepRap 3D Printers
  • 1x MK-V B Hotend Kit - 0.5 nozzle - 1.75 filament
  • 1x Detachable Filament Spool Holder with Acetal Bushings
  • 9x Terawatt Terminal Junction PCB
  • 1x 9Pc. Ball End L-Hex Key Set

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Thanks to Jonas Kuehling for his excellent parts designs, Kludgineer the designer of the MendelMax; Josef Prusa for sharing the Prusa Mendel design; and all open source developers.